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A change is always exciting, but it usually comes with a lot of unanswered questions.

This is simply a short note to introduce Loksatta party. Loksatta is established by Dr. Jayaprakash Narayana, a movement owned by active members and sympathizers from across the world to bring about good governance in India through political change. Loksatta movement achieved significant results in administrative and political reforms in the last 12 years including constitutional amendments to eliminate defections, reduce the size of the cabinet, Right to Information Act (RTI), disclosure of criminal records and assets by all candidates and many more.    


The current political system has abused and misused the freedom that we have won thanks to the untold hardships, sacrifice and determination of our late freedom fighters. Today, communalism, caste, criminalization and corruption dominate our society. Our elected representatives are fully engaged in self-serving activities without any interest in nation building. Loksatta movement transitioned itself into a political party to bring about fundamental changes in our systems and a new political culture. The party's main agenda is to establish a new political culture which places the citizen at the centre of governance. We believe that it is our foremost task to build an equitable society wherein everyone has access to clean drinking water, sanitation, housing, education and basic health care. 


Lok Satta is committed in removing the illegitimate money and the ill effects it brings on Indian political landscape. For this, it is very important to prove that legitimate funds can be raised in small amounts to bring this systemic malfunctioning an end. We require support from people like you to achieve this goal for the betterment of our country. For the first time in Indian Political history Lok Satta is adopting the most transparent membership model that enables true internal democracy within the party. The idea is to involve more people own, drive, lead and fund this party. 

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Please let me know if anyone is interested to join/contribute/support for a change in society.

 Working together works!!!!!

    Best Regards
    Venu Naik Bhukya
    Loksatta - Executive Member