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How to get a temporary email address valid for 10 minutes

What is Temporary email address? 
Temporary email is a secure temporary email service. This means that it lets you have a private email address, that anyone can send mail to. The email and the address both self-destruct in 10 minute, so you don't have to worry about SPAM or anything like that. 

Why would I use Temporary email ID? 
The most common reason to use a temporary email service like 10MinuteMail, is if you are forced to give an email address to a website you don't fully trust. Many websites force you to register in order to see content. Many of those websites will then either send you SPAM for years, or even worse, sell your email address to large scale SPAM operations. 10MinuteMail allows you to easily give an email address that won't exist in 10 minutes, so there's no risk of SPAM. If the website makes you verify the email address by sending you a link you have to click on, to your email, then you can read the email right here on and click on the link. You can also reply to email, as some sites require a reply. You can forward the email to your personal account if there's some infomration you need to save. 


How do I use 10MinuteMail? 
When you need an email address, to fill out an online form or registration with, just open another window or tab and go to
The email address you see on the page is yours. You are the only person who can see that address.
You can copy it from the window, or just click on the text that says "click here to copy this email address to your clipboard" which will automatically copy the email address to your clipboard. DO NOT CLOSE the window.
Then paste the email address into the website you needed it for, complete the registration/form/whatever.
If the site sends you an email, it should show up on the page, down on the page, under the Messages section. It may take a couple of minutes to arrive.
Once you see it there, just click on it, and you can read the email. Then you can click on any links, or get any information you need.
When you are done, just close the window, or wait for the 10 minutes to expire. That's it.

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Google tricks that will change how you search - Part2

Google tricks that will change how you search - part2

 Play an old game, in a new way
Type "Atari Breakout" into Google Images and your newest Internet distraction will suddenly appear.
See the video here

 Streamline your search
Narrow down your search results by isolating what you don't want to see. If you type a minus sign (-) before a word, Google will exclude it from the search completely.
Convert like a pro
Kilometers, miles, yards–you name it and Google will convert it. Plug in the metric you're looking to convert and Google will do all the calculations.
See the screen a bit differently
Tilt your screen by searching the word "tilt." This is one of many fun additions built in by Google engineers.
Monitor the sun
Expand your worldly view by checking on the exact times for sunrise and sunset–anywhere, at any time.
Search for specific images
By using Google's Reverse Image Search, users can drag the image into the search bar. This will locate the original source of the image, thus, providing any necessary information.
 Flip a virtual coin
Toss difficult decisions out the window. Press the microphone icon (or type) on Google's search bar, and say "flip a coin" or "heads or tails." This feature lets Google flip a coin for you when you don't have one on hand.

Google tricks that will change how you search

 Google tricks that will change how you search
1. Keep your timing in check
Type "set timer to 13 minutes and 13 seconds" and the clock immediately starts to wind down. This is a quick solution if you're waiting to make an important phone call or pick the kids up from school in a few minutes.
Find the video here
2. Seamlessly search your favorite sites
By using the "site:keyword" search, Google will only give results for that website. For example, simply enter the phrase " tips" and you will get only articles on the website that are about tips.
3. Check flight status
Is my flight on time? typing my flight number into Google to see if there's yet another delay.
4. Decide what's for dinner
Simply type in "hot dog vs. pizza," for instance, and the search engine will provide a complete nutritional breakdown.

5. Get instant weather forecasts
Similarly, you can get the weather forecast of any city just by typing the city followed by the word forecast. This feature makes it easy to prep for that last minute vacation, without the hassle of going to a weather site.