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Google tricks that will change how you search

 Google tricks that will change how you search
1. Keep your timing in check
Type "set timer to 13 minutes and 13 seconds" and the clock immediately starts to wind down. This is a quick solution if you're waiting to make an important phone call or pick the kids up from school in a few minutes.
Find the video here
2. Seamlessly search your favorite sites
By using the "site:keyword" search, Google will only give results for that website. For example, simply enter the phrase " tips" and you will get only articles on the website that are about tips.
3. Check flight status
Is my flight on time? typing my flight number into Google to see if there's yet another delay.
4. Decide what's for dinner
Simply type in "hot dog vs. pizza," for instance, and the search engine will provide a complete nutritional breakdown.

5. Get instant weather forecasts
Similarly, you can get the weather forecast of any city just by typing the city followed by the word forecast. This feature makes it easy to prep for that last minute vacation, without the hassle of going to a weather site.



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