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1. Just type in the name of the website in the address bar on a browser and press Ctrl+Enter to add the 'www.' and '.com', prefix and suffix automatically.

2. Press the Windows Key+F to quickly open the search bar to search for files or folders.

3. Press the Windows key,  and U twice in quick succession to shut down the computer.

4. Use Ctrl+K to add a hyperlink to a bit of selected text.

5. You can undo an Undo by pressing Ctrl+Y. Simple

6. Squeeze down the Alt key and press Esc to toggle between windows and applications in the order that they were opened.

7. Press Alt+Space Bar to quickly open the menu tab for any active window.

8. Use Shift+Delete to permanently delete a file instead of sending it to the Recycle Bin first.

9. You can lock your computer directly by using the Windows Key+L short cut.

10. Hold Shift while inserting a USB device or CD to bypass the autorun. 

11. You don't have to copy the whole screen in a screen shot any more.

Use the Alt+Print Screen short key to take a screenshot of the current active window

12. While Alt+Tab will let you toggle between windows, usingCtrl+Tab lets you navigate open tabs within a browser quickly.

13. Click on a tab with the middle button on your mouse to close it directly.

14. Instead of using Ctrl+Alt+Delete, use Ctrl+Shift+Esc to directly open the Task Manager.

15.  While Alt+F4 will close an open window, Ctrl+F4 will close an open tab.

16. Ctrl+P will directly open up your print options tab.

17. Press Ctrl+D to directly bookmark an open page on your browser.

18. Pressing F7 on a PC or Mac does a quick spell check.

19. The command for creating something new is Ctrl+N

So, if it's a browser, the command will open a new window, and for word, image editing or any other process likewise, the command will open a new page.

20. Windows Key+Space Bar will change the input language, and change the keyboard layout.

21. Press down the Windows Key and a number to open the corresponding application pinned to the taskbar.

22. Use the Windows Key+R command to open the "run" command from where you can access any application or program by typing its name and hitting Enter.

23. Pressing down Ctrl and then either pressing the Homebutton or the End button will take you to the top and the bottom of a page, respectively.

24. You can select multiple items (including tabs on your browser) by just holding down the Ctrl button and selecting the group of items you would like selected together.

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